Medical Acupuncture

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture & Neurofunctional Acupuncture is a precise peripheral nerve simulation technique. Acupuncture needles are inserted into anatomically defined neurofunctional sites, and stimulated manually or with electricity for the therapeutic purpose of modulating abnormal activity of the nervous system and/or the endocrine, exocrine and immune systems, in pain syndromes, functional problems, and any diseases in which these modulatory mechanisms are available. Neuromodulation occurs through neurological and neurohumoral mechanisms at multiple levels, namely: peripheral nerves, spinal cord, brain stem and cerebellum.

Therapeutic goals and treatment targets are selected based on the identified neurological dysfunctions contributing to the clinical symptoms that are being presented. Many times medical acupuncture results in transient amelioration or disappearance of symptoms, and other times results in permanent resolution of the dysfunction, this works perfectly when dysregulation of the nervous system was the underlying pathophysiological mechanism. This technique is a physiological intervention similar to exercise that elicits existing available regulatory mechanisms through up-regulation and down-regulation of specific cellular processes.

- Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco MD Sports Medicine Specialist and Program Director is to thank for this wonderful technique that has helped so many of my patients.

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