Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Treatment

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, traction type of therapy for the relief or elimination of low back pain, leg pain or neck and arm pain. The Trition DTS Decompression therapy is FDA approved and has high success for decreasing and eliminating pain associated with herniated or bulging discs.

During the treatment the neck or lumbar spine is gently distracted and relaxed at specific intervals, this allows for a relief of pressure to the discs and side exits (IVF) where the distal nerves start. Advantages to this treatment are:  FDA approved, non-surgical or chemical, Conservative and affordable.

Conditions Treated

Disc Problems:

• Herniated Discs

• Bulging Discs

• Protruding Discs

• Prolapsed Discs

• Sciatica

• Pain into the arms or legs

• DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease)

• Acute Facet Joint Pain

• Nerve Root Impingement 

• Arthritis and Hypo-mobility

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